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NOTE: Every month Sly will be replaced with the character who wins Character of the Month on this banner. The winning character will also appear on the background of this website.

Hello and welcome to the official site of Cooper Capers, the first (and at the moment, only) fan magazine dedicated to the Sly Cooper series of video games!!! Inside each issue you will find exciting things such as:

- Character Feature
- Gadget/Move Feature
- Poetry Corner
- Puzzle Section
- A fanfic we've started work on, entitled "A Thief's Tale" - every issue will include a new chapter
- Art Gallery (if you have any artwork please feel free to send to me so I can feature it in the magazine)
- Competitions from time to time
- Debates
- Character of the Month competition (vote in our poll every month for your favourite character!)
- Questions and Answers for those who need help with the games or basically just about the characters

- Sly 4 ideas (if you have any please feel free to submit them)
- And much, much more!!!

ISSUE 3 - CLICK HERE (or here for PDF)

Cooper Capers
is also home to Kazap! a fan magazine dedicated to the video game inFamous. In each issue you will find:

- Featured Event
- Featured Power
- Featured Character
- Quote of the Month
- Neighbourhood of the Month

ISSUE 1 - CLICK HERE (or here for PDF)


To download, Right Click and then click "Save Target As" or "Save As". All issues are in Microsoft Word (.doc) and Adobe Reader (PDF) format. If you do not have Microsoft Word, please email me at and I'll send you issues in an email!!!

If ever I have problems uploading issues or if there is a problem with the Webs server, the issues can be found here.